“Divine Wrecks” in FireWorks 2015 – Director interview

Alumnae Theatre Company’s third annual FireWorks series kicks off tomorow with Chloë Whitehorn’s Divine Wrecks (Nov 4 – 8), directed by Pamela Redfern.   FireWorks 2015 - Divine WrecksDivine Wrecks is the “dark and disturbing” story of a high school jock who falls for his teacher. Bloggergal asked them some questions; here are Pam’s responses.

Q:  How did you get involved?  What drew you to this play?

A (director Pam Redfern):  I became involved with Divine Wrecks after being asked to look at another of the plays first. Fortunately Divine Wrecks was offered to me to direct and soon after a rich creative journey began.
This play speaks to the depth of feelings that lie within us all, rearing up from time to time in our lives…uncomfortable feelings including lust, desire, fixation, confusion, secrecy, realization, heartbreak and despair. Somewhere in that mix lies true, peaceful love but often only for a moment. In Chloë’s play each of these moments are operatic in scale and I was drawn to that intensity.

Q: Anything specific you would like the audience to know, or to watch out for in the production?

A:  Look for the lightness and humour that the Chorus brings to this otherwise dark drama. We chose to intensify the lighter side of the Chorus to create texture and add comic relief to the production.   We decided to set some of the writing to music and it had a doo-wop rhythm to it so a fifties sound emerged there. With more time we would love to take the musical component much further. Divine Wrecks provides endless opportunities for layering and expansion but at a certain point we needed to polish what we had discovered and solidify this production.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153061039792172&set=gm.1063381273714094&type=3&theater

Photo of the Chorus:  Bruce Peters.

FIREWORKS SHOWTIMES: 8pm Wed – Sat; 2pm Sat & Sun.

TICKETS:   $15 except Sun – PWYC.

Purchase tickets online (except for Sunday PWYC matinees) or reserve seats and pay cash at Box Office.  No credit or debit cards accepted for in-person sales.

Or consider a 6-play Flex Pass – for $75, you get 6 admissions to be used however you wish. So one person could see 6 plays, or share the tickets with friends and all 6 of you come to one play.

 RESERVATIONS:   E-mail reservations@alumnaetheatre.com or phone 416-364-4170 Box 1.

 POST-SHOW TALKBACKS – “Behind The Curtain”:
Thursdays: Directors Pamela Redfern, Julia Haist or Neil Affleck with their Assistant Directors Melissa Chetty, Lisa Alves, Ingryd Pleitez.
Fridays: Lighting Designer Gabrielle D’Angelo and Sound Designer Bill Scott.
Saturday Matinees: Costume Designers Peter DeFreitas, Toni Hanson, Trish Worrall.
Saturday Evenings: Set Designers Marysia Bucholc, Mark Cope.
Sunday Matinees: Playwrights Chloe Whitehorn, Taylor Marie Graham or Charles Hayter.
For more into, and to purchase  tickets online to Divine Wrecks and the other FireWorks plays – Taylor Marie Graham’s Cottage Radio (Nov 11-15) and Charles Hayter’s Radical (Nov 18-22) – please go to http://www.alumnaetheatre.com/fireworks.html

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