“A Play on Passion”: staged reading Nov 20 & 21

This weekend only!!

A Play on Passion:  An actress, a writer, some love stories…and a life change!

Patricia Delves and Gabriel DiFabio in "A Play on Passion".

Patricia Delves and Gabriel DiFabio in
“A Play on Passion”.

An actress and writer come together rather reluctantly.  He’s forced to ghost-write an autobiography that she feels she can manage just fine on her own.  Will they find they have more in common than they thought, as her enchanting recollections of past loves weave their spell on him?


Patricia Delves, a member of Alumnae Theatre Company for more than 30 years, stars in the staged reading of A Play on Passion.  Patricia also co-wrote A Play on Passion with Greg Corkum (who has acted in New Ideas), and she performs in it with Gabriel DiFabio (Write Now!) .

The staged reading is produced and directed by Danielle Capretti (The Queens; New Ideas; Write Now!).


Q: Danielle – how did you come to be involved?  At what stage of the process?

A (director Danielle Capretti): I had the privilege to be cast in Patricia’s magnificent production of Hay Fever at Village Playhouse in 2009.  Since then, we have worked on several projects together, including Dialogues of the Gods (No Sweetheart Required/Cabbagetown Theatre, 2012) and Domestic Manners of the Americans (Albanian tour, 2013).  A Play on Passion is a project that [co-writer] Greg Corkum, Patricia and I started talking about in May 2012.  I felt that the richness of Patricia’s life and experiences were more than enough to inspire a play.


Q: How did you find Patricia’s co-star in A Play on Passion, Gabriel DiFabio?

A: Gabriel, Greg and I met when cast in Hay Fever.  We have also been involved in several projects together since then, including a staged reading of Conspiracy by Loring Mandel (2014).  Most recently, Gabriel was an actor in Write Now 2015 at Alumnae Theatre, in a play that I directed (Starshine by Linda McCready).


Q: Patricia, you’ve been concentrating on directing recently, mainly at Village Playhouse.

A: Yes, I’ve performed at Alumnae in several New Ideas Festivals and Write Now events over the years, but not recently.  The last New Ideas show I did was a solo piece called Just Reward, in 2003.  Frankly, this is a performance in which I take pride!


Q: Is this the first play you’ve written?

A: I’ve written short stories, but this is the first time I have written for the stage.  It started life as a very short piece for a Valentine’s show, which then got cancelled before we had barely started to write.  At Danielle’s urging, Greg and I picked it up again around May of this year and re-wrote and expanded it.  I have known Greg for many years, and have directed him both in a full-length play – Hay Fever (together with Danielle and Gabriel) – and with Danielle in several Valentine’s shows.


A Play on Passion

VENUE: Blake Thorne Studio, 720 Bathurst (south of Bloor), Suite 401.

PERFORMANCES: Fri Nov 20 at 8pm and Sat Nov 21 at 2.30pm.

INFO/RESERVATIONS: 416-762-4364. Admission is PWYW (pay what you want).

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