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Alumnae Theatre in Doors Open Toronto 2017

Alumnae Theatre in 2013.

In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, and Alumnae Theatre Company turns 100 years young next February!

Accessibility renovations at Alumnae Theatre – upper lobby. Photo by Chloe Whitehorn, July 1, 2014.

Come take a peek inside 70 Berkeley Street during Doors Open Toronto this weekend.

Firemen (with horse-drawn and mechanical fire engines) outside 70 Berkeley Street, circa 1915.

You’ll see photos and a video of the building throughout the years – the present configuration was constructed around 1905, as well as books about architect Ron Thom (who converted the slated-for-demolition building from a firehall to a theatre in 1971-72), and the Toronto Fire Department.

Members of Alumnae Theatre Company will be available to answer questions (ask them if they’ve had contact with our resident ghosts!) and conduct tours to the Studio.


Due to rehearsals in the space – hey, it’s a theatre!  InspiraTO Festival opens June 1 – some areas will be off limits (Main auditorium, second floor, Tech booth).  InspiraTO is also using the 3rd floor Studio, but tours will be accommodated at 2:00 and 4:00om on both Saturday and Sunday.


Dorothy Clark McClure illustration of Alumnae Theatre, circa 1973.

We encourage visitors to take photos of the architectural features of the building, but please do *not* photograph InspiraTO cast and crew.  When you post your photos on social media, we’d love it if you would tag your photos @alumnaetheatre and @Doors_OpenTO, and use the hashtag #DOT17.


Pick up a brochure of our 100th season lineup for 2017/18, and tour the building that’s been our home for 45 years.

We’re open 10am – 5pm on Saturday May 27, and 1 – 5pm on Sunday 28th.


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InspiraTO Festival seeks directors (deadline to apply: Jan 24)

The 12th annual InspiraTO Festival of 10-minute plays runs June 1 – 10, 2017 at Alumnae Theatre in Toronto.  inspirato-2017-imageThis year’s theme is “Grow Up” – although choosing not to grow up means bringing a sense of child-like wonder into our art and life.
16 directors have already been selected for the Festival; 8 plays still require directors.

A Test of Mettle by Steven R Bond. 2 Males. Why do we attach such value to objects from our childhood? A confrontation that goes off- course. Eerie.


So Lovely Here On Earth by Mary Portser. 1 Female/ 1 Male. When a college dropout applies for a mission to Mars, she meets resistance from an unlikely source. Ironic.


A Complete Set by Jenny Lyn Bader. 2 Females/1 Male. Four chairs sit discarded on a sidewalk. Could they complete an ideal table and harmonious future grown-up life? An imaginative interpretation about trust, aspirations, and the perils of abandoned furniture.

Mother and Daughter by Scott Carter Cooper. 2 Female. A mother is looking forward to building an adult relationship with her daughter, while the daughter has other ideas about what it means to be a grown up.

The Chinese Life Force by Michael McGoldrick. 2 Male. Two old college friends catch up over a friendly game of Scrabble, but ancient rivalries come to the fore. A tale about today’s “man” and the many ways he’s compelled to compete.

Twirling by Karen Loseff Lothan. 1 Female/1 Male. Wisdom can come from the strangest of places. A six year old teaches her father a lesson that warms the soul and opens up the heart.

Grindrd by J. Joseph Cox. 2 Male/ 1 Female. Two teenagers, bent on being treated as grown-ups, discover a jaw-dropping secret that makes them second-guess their own preparedness for being adults. A funny tale about the vagary of sexuality.

Immortals by Noah Habenstreit. 3 Male/ 1 Female. A play about three beings who are able to live forever. One day they find out that’s about to change. The pacing and rhythm of the dialogue is impeccable.


Want to direct one?  Here’s what you do – please note that the deadline to submit is Jan. 24, 2017:

  • Read the scripts at :http://www.theatreinspirato.ca/participate/call-for-actors-and-directors
  • Decide which play(s) you’d like to direct. Put them in order of preference. If selected you will only direct one play.
  • Email: inspirato@ca.inter.net. In the subject line write: Direct A Play.  Answer the following questions:

    – your name, phone number and email address
    – Your experience/training/background in directing/performance arts (you may attach a resume if you wish)
    – Your availability (times during the week you are available for auditions and rehearsals)
    AND for each play you would like to direct:
    1) State the name of the play
    2) What interests you about the play
    3) Your approach to directing.


NOTICE TO ACTORS: Auditions will be posted in February and take place in March.


InspiraTO is a non-union, non-paying event.

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Audition notice for “Outside Mullingar” (Toronto Irish Players)

Toronto Irish Players logoThe Toronto Irish Players are holding auditions in late June for their fall production, which will be on the Main Stage of Alumnae Theatre.  Outside Mullingar, described as “an Irish Moonstruck”, was nominated for Best Play at the 2014 Tony Awards.



By John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Harvey Levkoe

Produced by Susan McQueen

 AUDITIONS: SUNDAY, June 26 (1-6pm) and MONDAY, June 27 (7-10pm), 2016


REHEARSALS: Start SUNDAY, August 28, 2016 – TUESDAY/ THURSDAY/ SUNDAY schedule, with some table work in August

PERFORMANCES: OCTOBER 20 – November 5, 2016 at The Alumnae Theatre, Toronto

 OUTSIDE MULLINGAR is a compassionate, delightful work about how it’s never too late to take a chance on love. Anthony and Rosemary are two introverted misfits straddling 40. They have spent their entire lives on cattle farms in rural Ireland. Rosemary lives right next door to Anthony and is determined to have him, while watching the years slip away. With Anthony’s father, Tony, threatening to disinherit him and, a land feud simmering between their families, and Aoife, her mother as mediator, Rosemary has every reason to fear romantic catastrophe. But then in this very Irish story with a surprising depth of poetic passion, these yearning, eccentric souls fight their way towards solid ground. Their journey is heartbreaking, funny and ultimately, deeply moving.


CHARACTERS & AGES TO BE PLAYED (Accents are not needed at auditions):

TONY, 75 Bullying, tough-love father to Anthony. Easily provoked to anger & stubborn. Lives with a great deal of resentment and bitterness.


AOIFE, 70 (Eo-fuh) Nurturing and protective mother to Rosemary and surrogate mother to Anthony. Plays the role of mediator between Anthony and Tony.


ROSEMARY, 39 Anthony’s powerful, feisty neighbour with a clarity of vision. She knows what she wants but getting it is complicated. Inherited her father’s stubbornness. Determined to have Anthony, she fluctuates between despair and hope.


ANTHONY, 42 Painfully shy, a joyless farmer who is torn about staying, while listening to the voice that tells him to “go.” He has stopped noticing anything outside himself and lives with the fear of rejection and failure.


TO BOOK AN AUDITION – Contact Judith Levkoe at  levkoejudith@sympatico.ca and indicate your preferred audition date, time and the character for whom you wish to audition. Attach your resume with contact number & a recent head shot. Alternately, call Judith at 416-214-4770 and provide the above info as well as your email address.

 LOCATION – Auditions and rehearsals will be held at Kimbourne Park United Church, 200 Wolverleigh Blvd, one black north of the Coxwell Subway Station exit, and east of Coxwell.


PREPARATION – If the Director does not know your work, prepare a 2-minute monologue. Read the play before your audition as there will be readings from the script.

SCRIPT- A copy of OUTSIDE MULLINGAR will be available upon request.

 PLEASE NOTE: Toronto Irish Players (TIP) is a non-profit, non-Equity community theatre group. Participants are not paid, and union members (ACTRA/Equity) cannot be used. If cast, it is required that you join the Toronto Irish Players group.

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“A Play on Passion”: staged reading Nov 20 & 21

This weekend only!!

A Play on Passion:  An actress, a writer, some love stories…and a life change!

Patricia Delves and Gabriel DiFabio in "A Play on Passion".

Patricia Delves and Gabriel DiFabio in
“A Play on Passion”.

An actress and writer come together rather reluctantly.  He’s forced to ghost-write an autobiography that she feels she can manage just fine on her own.  Will they find they have more in common than they thought, as her enchanting recollections of past loves weave their spell on him?


Patricia Delves, a member of Alumnae Theatre Company for more than 30 years, stars in the staged reading of A Play on Passion.  Patricia also co-wrote A Play on Passion with Greg Corkum (who has acted in New Ideas), and she performs in it with Gabriel DiFabio (Write Now!) .

The staged reading is produced and directed by Danielle Capretti (The Queens; New Ideas; Write Now!).


Q: Danielle – how did you come to be involved?  At what stage of the process?

A (director Danielle Capretti): I had the privilege to be cast in Patricia’s magnificent production of Hay Fever at Village Playhouse in 2009.  Since then, we have worked on several projects together, including Dialogues of the Gods (No Sweetheart Required/Cabbagetown Theatre, 2012) and Domestic Manners of the Americans (Albanian tour, 2013).  A Play on Passion is a project that [co-writer] Greg Corkum, Patricia and I started talking about in May 2012.  I felt that the richness of Patricia’s life and experiences were more than enough to inspire a play.


Q: How did you find Patricia’s co-star in A Play on Passion, Gabriel DiFabio?

A: Gabriel, Greg and I met when cast in Hay Fever.  We have also been involved in several projects together since then, including a staged reading of Conspiracy by Loring Mandel (2014).  Most recently, Gabriel was an actor in Write Now 2015 at Alumnae Theatre, in a play that I directed (Starshine by Linda McCready).


Q: Patricia, you’ve been concentrating on directing recently, mainly at Village Playhouse.

A: Yes, I’ve performed at Alumnae in several New Ideas Festivals and Write Now events over the years, but not recently.  The last New Ideas show I did was a solo piece called Just Reward, in 2003.  Frankly, this is a performance in which I take pride!


Q: Is this the first play you’ve written?

A: I’ve written short stories, but this is the first time I have written for the stage.  It started life as a very short piece for a Valentine’s show, which then got cancelled before we had barely started to write.  At Danielle’s urging, Greg and I picked it up again around May of this year and re-wrote and expanded it.  I have known Greg for many years, and have directed him both in a full-length play – Hay Fever (together with Danielle and Gabriel) – and with Danielle in several Valentine’s shows.


A Play on Passion

VENUE: Blake Thorne Studio, 720 Bathurst (south of Bloor), Suite 401.

PERFORMANCES: Fri Nov 20 at 8pm and Sat Nov 21 at 2.30pm.

INFO/RESERVATIONS: 416-762-4364. Admission is PWYW (pay what you want).

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Auditions July 30 for “Interview with a Demon” (B.SMART Productions/Beech Street Theatre Company)

BSmartLogoB.SMART Productions, Inc. and Beech Street Theatre Company  Beech_Street_Logo_-_JPEG.293161826_logowill be producing Mark Terry’s play Interview with a Demon Nov 10 – 16, 2015 at Alumnae Theatre.

Aptly scheduled between Hallowe’en and the holiday season, Interview with a Demon will provide the world’s first-ever report on life after death, what Heaven and Hell are really like, the essence of the soul, mythologies, angels, Satan and God. The Demon will compel audiences to reconsider their faith in the messenger and the messages they share, and will challenge us all with a perspective that re-evaluates our entire belief system.


Here is the audition notice.

Interview with a Demon

Written by Mark Terry

Director: Michael Khashmanian

Producers: Abigail Pinto Correia and Boyan Stergulc

Co-Producers: Michael Khashmanian and Mark Terry

Audition Location: Casting Central, 321 Davenport Road, Toronto

Email: markterry@bell.net to book your audition.

Compensation: Yes

Auditions: Thursday, July 30, 2015, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

INSTRUCTIONS: Please bring your head shot and theatre resume to the audition as well as attaching them to your audition request e-mail.

Synopsis: See http://bsmarttv.ca/portfolio/interview-with-a-demon/ and http://www.beechstreettheatre.com/productions


CHARACTERS (with bodies):

Boodle: Female, mid-20s, attractive, television talk show director. Strong, assertive, take-charge personality.

Bradley Gibb: Male, mid-20s, attractive, television reporter/talk show host. Opportunistic, ambitious, curious.

Pat Lor: Male, mid-30s, average-looking, television cameraman Not very bright, clumsy.

Father Francis Flanagan: Male, mid-50s, white hair, possibly balding, Church exorcist. Strong, devoted, bordering on fanatical.


CHARACTERS (without bodies):

* The Demon / Frank: Male, middle-aged, confident, cocky, real estate salesman Intelligent, but playful and unpredictable.

Tom: Male, mid-40s, Producer of The Hot Seat. Seasoned professional; cynical.

The Angel / Angie: Female, middle-aged, foreign accent Sweet, loving.

* NOTE: All actors will, at some point, be possessed by The Demon. To ensure consistency of character, all actors should adopt a similar interpretation and voice for The Demon. We recommend channeling Michael Keaton’s performance in the film Beetlejuice (1988).

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Aromas: A play about Sexuality, Spirituality and the Self

Now running in the 3rd floor Studio at Alumnae Theatre until May 2:
Aromas by Andrew Faiz, starring Andy Fraser. Described as “A play about sexuality [Andy Fraser plays an escort named Chanel], spirituality and self”, it’s a stunningly lovely solo piece.

This short remount (it previously appeared at Red Sandcastle Theatre last fall) runs only April 28 – May 2, so don’t miss it!

Go to https://totix.ticketpro.ca/?lang=en&server=ww2#def_1110682067 to purchase tickets.


Aromas -- Sex is never just about sex


Aromas — one woman, many characters, many personalities.

Opens April 28th, 8pm. Alumnae Theatre Studio, 70 Berkeley St.


Aromas — a play about Sexuality, Spirituality and the Self 

“What great theatre is all about.” — The Theatre Review

Follow Katalin as she travels around the world, from Dubai to Japan to home, with hints of many stops in-between. She lives in hotel rooms; open the door and she’s in Kentucky, open the door and she’s in Copenhagen. She visits museums and mosques, galleries and churches. She dances, on ice, and on a small stage with a brass pole. She is everything to everybody, in search of herself.

“Andrew Faiz has written and directed a nuanced, thoughtful and intellectually challenging monologue. Andy Fraser gives a very subtle and controlled performance.” — Sprockets and Greasepaint.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.33.12 PMThe incomparable Andy Fraser is at the core of this emotionally riveting onewoman play, inhabiting Katalin…

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