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Auditions July 30 for “Interview with a Demon” (B.SMART Productions/Beech Street Theatre Company)

BSmartLogoB.SMART Productions, Inc. and Beech Street Theatre Company  Beech_Street_Logo_-_JPEG.293161826_logowill be producing Mark Terry’s play Interview with a Demon Nov 10 – 16, 2015 at Alumnae Theatre.

Aptly scheduled between Hallowe’en and the holiday season, Interview with a Demon will provide the world’s first-ever report on life after death, what Heaven and Hell are really like, the essence of the soul, mythologies, angels, Satan and God. The Demon will compel audiences to reconsider their faith in the messenger and the messages they share, and will challenge us all with a perspective that re-evaluates our entire belief system.


Here is the audition notice.

Interview with a Demon

Written by Mark Terry

Director: Michael Khashmanian

Producers: Abigail Pinto Correia and Boyan Stergulc

Co-Producers: Michael Khashmanian and Mark Terry

Audition Location: Casting Central, 321 Davenport Road, Toronto

Email: markterry@bell.net to book your audition.

Compensation: Yes

Auditions: Thursday, July 30, 2015, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

INSTRUCTIONS: Please bring your head shot and theatre resume to the audition as well as attaching them to your audition request e-mail.

Synopsis: See http://bsmarttv.ca/portfolio/interview-with-a-demon/ and http://www.beechstreettheatre.com/productions


CHARACTERS (with bodies):

Boodle: Female, mid-20s, attractive, television talk show director. Strong, assertive, take-charge personality.

Bradley Gibb: Male, mid-20s, attractive, television reporter/talk show host. Opportunistic, ambitious, curious.

Pat Lor: Male, mid-30s, average-looking, television cameraman Not very bright, clumsy.

Father Francis Flanagan: Male, mid-50s, white hair, possibly balding, Church exorcist. Strong, devoted, bordering on fanatical.


CHARACTERS (without bodies):

* The Demon / Frank: Male, middle-aged, confident, cocky, real estate salesman Intelligent, but playful and unpredictable.

Tom: Male, mid-40s, Producer of The Hot Seat. Seasoned professional; cynical.

The Angel / Angie: Female, middle-aged, foreign accent Sweet, loving.

* NOTE: All actors will, at some point, be possessed by The Demon. To ensure consistency of character, all actors should adopt a similar interpretation and voice for The Demon. We recommend channeling Michael Keaton’s performance in the film Beetlejuice (1988).

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