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“A Woman of No Importance” Stage Manager’s notes from rehearsal, Dec 8 – sex, sex all the time

You know, as much as she claims to be shocked by it, Margot Devlin, the very proper Stage Manager of A Woman of No Importance, faithfully reports all instances of sex-related topics that come up in rehearsal.  To wit, here are some excerpts from her notes on Saturday’s rehearsal  (Dec 8) – they were working on the end of the play:

 –       Paul [director Paul Hardy] was discussing the “sexual” relationship between Mrs. Arbuthnot and Lord Illingworth.

–       He used words such as carnal, hot, sexy.

–       He directed Andrew [Batten, playing the lascivious Lord Illingworth] to look Aine [Magennis, playing the virtuous Mrs. Arbuthnot] up and down like a piece of meat.

–       The more physical the scene is, the more that Arbuthnot will change and react to Illingworth.

–       Paul asked if Aine could poke Gerald [Mrs. Arbuthnot’s son, played by Nicholas Porteous] and then he yelled at me to get his mind out of the gutter – the nerve of him!

–       Gerald said later that any poking would be above swim-suit level.

To see the final product in all its sexy Dynasty-style 1980’s  glory (costume designer Brandon Kleiman is having a wonderful time with glitz and shoulder pads), come check out A Woman of No Importance when it opens January 25.

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“A Woman of No Importance”: Stage Manager’s notes from rehearsal, Nov 25

Margot Devlin, the most excellent Stage Manager of A Woman of No Importance, is very concerned with propriety and modesty at all times.  Hence, these entries from her rehearsal notes of this past weekend.  Oh, yes, and she thinks that “Mr. Hardy should have an ‘R’ rating as a Director”.

What SM thinks Director should come with.

Words of the Day – blushing & cad & titillating.

–       There was an inappropriate discussion about sex and blushing that I did NOT record.

–       Paul Hardy does not disappoint – everything is about sex, including blushing – I shall never blush again.

–       How Mr. Hardy can equate titillating and blushing is beyond this scribe BUT at least he kept his shoes on.

In other news, Andy Fraser (producer of the currently-running The Drowning Girls; also an actor in such Alumnae shows as The Real Inspector Hound   and The Memory of Water) joins the cast as Lady Hunstanton, replacing Renee Stein.

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