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“A Woman of No Importance” Stage Manager’s notes from rehearsal, Dec 8 – sex, sex all the time

You know, as much as she claims to be shocked by it, Margot Devlin, the very proper Stage Manager of A Woman of No Importance, faithfully reports all instances of sex-related topics that come up in rehearsal.  To wit, here are some excerpts from her notes on Saturday’s rehearsal  (Dec 8) – they were working on the end of the play:

 –       Paul [director Paul Hardy] was discussing the “sexual” relationship between Mrs. Arbuthnot and Lord Illingworth.

–       He used words such as carnal, hot, sexy.

–       He directed Andrew [Batten, playing the lascivious Lord Illingworth] to look Aine [Magennis, playing the virtuous Mrs. Arbuthnot] up and down like a piece of meat.

–       The more physical the scene is, the more that Arbuthnot will change and react to Illingworth.

–       Paul asked if Aine could poke Gerald [Mrs. Arbuthnot’s son, played by Nicholas Porteous] and then he yelled at me to get his mind out of the gutter – the nerve of him!

–       Gerald said later that any poking would be above swim-suit level.

To see the final product in all its sexy Dynasty-style 1980’s  glory (costume designer Brandon Kleiman is having a wonderful time with glitz and shoulder pads), come check out A Woman of No Importance when it opens January 25.

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“A Woman of No Importance”: Stage Manager’s notes from rehearsal, Dec 6

Margot Devlin, the very proper Stage Manager of A Woman of No Importance, is convinced that everyone connected with this play is sex-mad – most particularly director Paul Hardy.

Here are some excerpts from her rehearsal notes of Dec 6:

 –       “worn to shadows” (Lady Hunstanton [Andy Fraser] uses this phrase to Mrs. Allonby [Paula Schultz] – they are talking about husbands and the Ideal Man) – Paul is suggesting that this may be a sexual joke (good grief – does it never end?)

–       “…but you do renew him from time to time” (Lady Caroline [Gillian English] to Mrs. Allonby) – Paul has asked yet again: “Is this a sexual reference?” (I am beginning to think that I read a different play)

Woman of No Import rehearsal-gray sweaters       Amy pointed out that it is gray sweater day – picture attached was taken by ASM Neena Ahmad: The Ladies Strike a Pose (Gillian English [Lady Caroline Pontefract], Paula Schultz [Mrs. Allonby], Amy Zuch [Lady Stutfield]).

–       Nicholas [Porteous, playing Illingworth’s would-be protégé Gerald] arrived “shorn” of hair, said Andrew [Batten, playing the cad Lord Illingworth].

–       Hester [the young American Puritan, played by Sophia Fabiilli] is putting on suntan lotion in Act 1, Scene 1.  Mike [Vitorovich, as Lady Caroline’s henpecked husband Sir John Pontefract] suggested we should get a bottle of sun cream and label it Pur-i-Tan.

Margot’s actual note for the suntan lotion scene reads: Hester is putting on suntan lotion in a Puritan manner – Caroline and John are staring at her.  Hmmm –what does a “Puritan manner” of applying  suntan lotion look like?  Regular readers of this blog may recognize the name Mike Vitorovich – he played the manic opera enthusiast Roy in last season’s Così, and was previously directed by Paul Hardy in Daniel MacIvor’s You Are Here (Alumnae, Theatre, September 2010).  “Pur-i-Tan” – ha!

And because Paul is modernizing the setting of the play to the 1980’s, there’s a note to Props that Hester will require a Walkman…

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