The Queens grand finale

The final curtain fell on our final show of the season on Saturday night. Metaphorically speaking, at least, since we don’t actually have a curtain.

The Queens had one final Elevation – and it was lovely to behold. Actor Patricia (PJ) Hammond mentioned that the great thing about this cast was that everyone was willing to play and discover – and go with – new things during each performance. And, ladies, it was apparent – and it was marvelous!

A casual, easy potluck cast party followed in the lower lobby of the theatre. We had a veritable feast – with sufficient leftovers for the strike crew the next day. Director Mat Howard gave me a little stuffed owl, to remind me of the luminous moon that appears most gloriously toward the end of the play, during the Elevation scene and when Cecily dies on the throne. The owl is sitting by my laptop on my desk at home.

Thanks all you queens – for a wonderful end to a great season at the Alum.

Here’s one last photo – you can see more on the Alumnae website:

Photo by Joshua Meles ( Left to right: Nonnie Griffin (Queen Margaret) and Jessica Moss (Isabel Warwick), with Kat Lai and Kat Letwin of the chorus in the background

If you haven’t already, check out the 2010-11 season page for our upcoming season, starting in September. The director search process is underway for the first three shows (the final show GuineaPigging, written by member Cate Frid, comes with member director Molly Thom attached).


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